The Swedish kitchen. From fika to cosy Friday

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Author:Liselotte Forslin, Rikard Lagerberg, Susanne Walström
Original title:The Swedish kitchen. From fika to cosy Friday
Title:The Swedish kitchen. From fika
Subject:Food and drink
Number of pages:48
Year of publication:2014
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Description:The Swedish kitchen - from fika to cosy Friday offers a glimpse into culinary treats and habits of regular Swedes.

After a series of successes at top international chef competitions, foodies all over the world have begun to raise some epicurean eyebrows. Luckily, top Swedish restaurants open up in an increasing number of cities, making quality Swedish food more accessible.

But what is it like in a Swedish home kitchen, say at breakfast or midweek dinner? And what exactly is fika and cosy Friday? The Swedish kitchen will satiate your appetite for Sweden in more ways than one.

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